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It's been long. :P

Anyway, STAR WARS is here! Oh yeah~ I watched it quite late, but I managed to avoid all spoilers. Heheee.

So, I will not spoil anything here too.

In my opinion, the movie is trying hard to please fans by evoking old memories from the old movies. Like some people say, don't fix what's not broken, right? They basically use the same formula, but made it bigger (wayyy bigger).

It was enjoyable for me as a person who have watched all 6 Star Wars movies before this new one. I am however, not such an avid fan. I do not read/watch the extra Star Wars materials published other than the 6 movies. It's funny, emotional, mysterious, and all in all a box office hit. They know just the right notes to sing.

Go watch! If you are someone who have never watched the first 6 movies, do tell how is your experience with the movie? I'm curious how the movie would look like without any prior Star Wars experience...

The Eagle

Jamie Bell is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Channing is not bad too...  The movie don't really have visible and obvious flaw..... for me, its 5/5 stars!!! :P

Recommended for people who likes war, history, and deep movies. Not that much fighting scenes though, but enough...

I am number FOUR!

4 is my favourite number, but that's not what this post is about... as all the people who don't live inside a coconut (katak dalam tempurung???) clearly knows that 'I am number four' is a movie that starts Quinn Fabray from Glee.. yes, I know that doesn't have anything to do with the story. :P

I watched this one with my little sister during one of her weekend stints away from boarding school that bores the hell out of her... anyway, so we went shopping, and after that just decided to watch a movie.. and as the timing was perfect (we were like 5 min late, maybe..) I went for it as it has been a boring holiday cooped up in my toaster of a room watching episodes of Glee, GossipGirl, HIMYM, and some new episodes of Community.

Anyways, I actually thought that this one is a thriller, turns out it's just another crazy story about aliens living among us. The acting was okay i guess, but the storyline is what i do not like. However, the action scenes were marvelous. Added bonus, there's an extremely cute dog that's gonna limp his way into your hearts. Awww~~~~

I'd give it a 3 out of 5... coz I don't think that the acting and script was strong enough... and one more thing, if it doesn't have a sequel, I'm gonna be VERY pissed coz the ending is hanging.... and I'm a sucker for full closure~

The Way Home

I had been on a long hiatus of watching movies in the cinema and I decided to go watch a serious movie alone... this one caught my eye, or more accurate is that it's the only one that looks good and serious enough that none of my friends would want to accompany me watch it.. :P

The Way Back is a movie that was made so meticulously and so dear to the original settings that you can't even believe it had a star studded cast. They were ALL in shambles since this movie is set in the time of communism and world war. Even the dashingly handsome Colin Farrel looked like a thug, and a disgusting one at that. Saoirse's performance was good, better than in The Lovely Bones, which was already a great performance from her. Jim Sturges was stunning, both in performance and in looks.... I almost forgot him after his performance in 21, and this just means to me that he will be here not just yesterday or today, but in the days to come as one amazing acting talent in Hollywood. Ed Harris was, well, Ed Harris! 

Such a beautiful story told in such precision and detail that it reminds me why I love this movie genre... because of it's ability to move hearts without having too many lines or sound effects.. :P

*not for everyone though!*

Recap and Rewind

no, that title is not a movie..

I'm just trying to recap ALL the movie that I have watched since The Back-up Plan.. I won't know for sure the movies and the order of which I watch them until I take a look inside my music box where I keep all my movie tickets!! :P

here goes... in random order=

Repo Man
The Descent 2
Step Up 3
Grown Ups
Vampires Suck
Avatar: Special Edition (3D)- my Kak Ita belanje!! :P
Cats and Dogs: The Revenge Of Kitty Galore
Going The Distance
Resident Evil: Afterlife
Revenge Of King Cobra
Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga'hoole

I think that's it.. I think.. haha...

Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga'hoole

This was the last movie i saw before I went on holiday after my final exams.. (now=holiday!)

There was of course a LOT more movies before that, heck, even in that week itself... I tend to watch more movies in exam week coz I can't study without the entertainment in between... 5 hours of study n 1 movie~~ huhuuu

Okay, back to Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga'hoole...

The movie has a 3D version, but as always coz I'm a stingy movie addict, I watched the non-3D version.... mostly since I thought the graphics was damn beautiful, even without the 3D.... and I was right of coz! :P

there was a slight disturbance in the cinema since this IDIOT slept and didn't put his phone on silent mode... f****r!!! hahaha... i hate these ignorant people.. I was trying to have a good time...

Anyways, the movie was beautiful! the story line was good... the actions was great i guess, if u can imagine how owls would fight in the air.... huhuu... the graphics was superb... the morality was definitely there... touching family, brotherhood, childhood fantasies, trying to be brave in the face of danger, and pushing yourself to the limit.... the ending strongly suggest there be a sequel to this one.. I'll be there to watch it hopefully... :)

A good watch... just try to come during school time or something... noisy kids ruins everything! *sue me, i hate noisy kids, especially in cinema!*

The Backup Plan

Venue: MBO Melaka Mall
Date: 1 July 2010
Time: 6.15pm
Company: cik Mira
its been too long since last posted... don't know why im getting lazier, and since my netbook is officially broken, i don't really have the means to write anyway.. sori, but i hope to make it all up in these few days... :P
A spur at the moment and surprised that I forgot the movie was coming out today, I jumped at the chance to see it as early as it can get...

The movie was moving rather slow at the beginning, but somehow the starting feels a little too sudden and fast. The second part was regretfully, a bit too slow suddenly, then it went into 5th gear again... yeah, it was a bit confusing..

The attempts at making jokes didn't work out at first, but it got more convincingly funny to the end of the movie...
Strirred up all kinds of emotion from me... sad, romantic, touching, happy, and frustrated in just 2 hours..
great watch with the gurlz on a girls night out...

-- Quickies --


im too lazy.. so here goes all the quickies!!! :P

Robin Hood- awesome medieval time action/war/romance movie... definitely recommend to watch..

A Nightmare On Elm Street- the scare comes from the suspense n gore!! if that's ur thing, than this is it. Nice for first dates.. :P

Shrek Forever After: 3D- Not as comical and belly tickling as the last 2, yet touching us all in different new ways..... a bit too serious of issues for children in my opinion.. :P

Furry Vengeance- super hilarious!!!! do i need to say more? :P

Belukar- I thought it was a horror, turns out it's a criminal planning movie, almost like 'the Italian job' or something.... but they steal from the bad boss... very nice plot for a local movie... i was pleasantly surprised!


The Karate Kid- a nice movie, not at all comparable to the first ever karate kid though.... and it's Kung Fu~~~ it's NOT karate.... *weird*

Nanny McPhee n the Big Bang- very entertaining.... hilarious and full of serious life lessons at the same time.... dealing with a divorce in the world war age is really almost no difference than nowadays~~ and sappy romantic happy endings has always been my favorite.. :P

The A-Team- it was almost like sitting in a roller coaster at funfair, except it felt even more fun and there's more adrenaline pumping through my body... and it's not even 3D at all.... action junkies can't miss this at all...

Prince Of Persia- whatever is meant to happen, would happen anyway, one way or another.. :P... Love, time travel, war, and throne stealer are everywhere and making me dizzy.... a bit confusing at first, but then ALL my questions are answered, so good... *i don't like unanswered questions in a movie, drives me crazy*

The Killers- i have to confess that i watched it for the purpose of looking at Ashton's hot body... but the action is good, it was funny and exciting, but a bit annoying too.... :P but u'll see a side of both Ashton and Katherine that i've never seen in before in their previous movies...

Sex and The City 2

I'm getting lazier to post here since my broadband modem was broken a few weeks ago, but now that I've bought a new one, hope i'll post more often ok? :P

Venue: GSC Dataran Pahlawan
Date: 22 June 2010
Time: 9.15pm
Company: cik Mira

A confusion made me have to pay twice the price of the tickets cos we mistakenly bought the movie tickets twice! hahaa... :P with that accident, i went in the cinema with a higher expectation than what i came with trying to justify paying RM16 for a non-3D movie!

The movie starts off nostalgically.... trying to accommodate even the ones who came to watch that don't have a clue what this 'Sex and the City' is all about at all.... a little recap can go a long way.. :P

The plot was not surprising, yet didn't bore me. The outfits, was as always, outrageous as ever. The girls are trying to defy getting older, like they always try to. Marriage conflicts though were dealt with more in this installment as 3 of the girls are already married now. In Abu Dhabi, where most of the film was shot, issues relating to oppression of sexual freedom and women as second class are seen and handled with a comic twist, yet still feels very serious and the message was clearly send across, to me atleast. Some motherhood troubles are at bay, and girl to girl talk always saves the day. Lots of homosexuality was also present and got me thinking whether it has anything to do with recent same-sex marriage recognition in the US these last few months.....

I love the soundtrack that sounds fresh and new with a few top pop chart numbers that got me singing along. The locations where the movie was shot were simply breathtakingly beautiful. It is indeed 'The New Middle East' :P

All in all, i would say that it was not disappointing, yet not a letdown. After all, since when did a sequel ever surpass the original anyway??? Especially since this one was originally a 5 season drama~~

p.s- i'll post all the quickie reviews of all the movies i saw in between this and the last review in a while.... hehee :P

Exam week!

I've been not posting for quite a while because of exam week.... but since now that it's over... let's just recap what movie i saw but was too lazy to post here since the last one.. (hooperz)

(in no particular order since i can't remember)

Robin Hood
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Shrek forever after: 3D
When in Rome (again)
Furry Vengeance

that's it I think.....

got a throbbing headache now... gonna post the reviews individually later... much later.. :P
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